Acceptable Use Policy

By using this website, you implicitly agree to the following condition(s):

  1. Be cool. Do not harass other users in any way (i.e., in the chatterbox, via /msg, in writeups, in the creation of nodeshells or in any other way). "Harassment" is defined as:
    • Threatening (an)other user(s) in any way, and/or
    • Creating additional accounts intended to annoy other users
  2. Do not flood the chatterbox or the New Writeups list ("spamming").

By willfully violating (at the discretion of the administration) any of the above condition(s), you may be subjected to the following actions:

Attempting to circumvent any disciplinary action by any means will most assuredly result in a complaint being made to your internet service provider.

Last revised: 23 April 2008