by BlackPawn

What is your opinion on the current xp system (including honor roll and merit), Kyle's changes and any future changes?

I love Kyle's new system, set it in stone  33  33.33%
I love(d) the old honor roll system, bring it back  8  8.08%
Keep it simple, xp and w/u requirements only  9  9.09%
Whatever; levels are handy to filter the chaff but any one system is about as good as any other  16  16.16%
Whatever; some sort of merit system is a handy brake on NFN but the details aren't important  14  14.14%
Scrap levels altogether, xp anarchy! Award level powers by nepotism or not at all  3  3.03%
Scrap levels, all level powers for all!  3  3.03%
None of the above.  13  13.13%
Total  99  100.00%