by Laz

I would appreciate any additional messaged feedback you care to offer on this topic.

Nothing really, I'm doing all I can already, a key to the M-noder washroom is all I desire.  7  6.25%
Nothing really, I'm aiming for a specific level feature, my noding habits will change once I reach it.  0  0.00%
Nothing at all - I'm saying what I have to say and your games, your numbers, your new ideas mean nothing to my efforts.  25  22.32%
I want votes, if there were more people voting on everything I'd be writing more for everyone.  2  1.79%
I want C!s - I craft my writing to earn them, or, I wish more people had more C!s to spend.  3  2.68%
I just want to know I'm being read, it doesn't matter by who. Please put a page counter on my writeups.  25  22.32%
I write for a certain audience, please help me connect with them.  4  3.57%
I write for certain people, there are E2 users I hope to impress.  3  2.68%
More feedback - if there were comments on my writeups or if I received more feedback I'd be encouraged to write more.  18  16.07%
Show me the money! When one of my writeups pays for a tank of gas I'll be motivated to provide more. (This may not be possible, I really don't know - pretend it is though, if it would motivate you.)  5  4.46%
I'm here for something completely different, the writing just sort of happens. Please work on the *completely different* and in return I'll write a little more for you.  7  6.25%
I didn't know we were supposed to write, I don't write, I just read / chat. The vote I spent on this was a gift from some anonymous stranger / I wrote just enough to get a few votes and now I am DONE.  3  2.68%
None of the above.  10  8.93%
Total  112  100.00%