by Serjeant's Muse

Site Trajectory 2 suggests E2 has begun to rebound - having more sustained content submission (correcting for seasonality) since 2014. Is there action we noders can take to grow the ranks and thus sow the seeds for future organic growth?

No - I don’t think there’s any way to grow user base / content submissions  3  9.68%
No - I don’t particularly wish the user base to grow  3  9.68%
No - and I will msg Serjeant’s Muse my thoughts for reference (quoted or anonymous) within his analysis daylong.  0  0.00%
Yes - but I’m not sure what steps that would be. I want to learn more.  11  35.48%
Yes - I will start cross posting new write ups to my social media sites  1  3.23%
Yes - I will start sharing updates from the E2 Facebook page.  1  3.23%
Yes - I will try to recruit X of my friends to join, submit content, and report out their new user experience.  2  6.45%
Yes - I am super with coding and will msg jay bonci.  0  0.00%
Yes - I have further thoughts I will msg Sarge with.  1  3.23%
None of the above  9  29.03%
Total  31  100.00%