Jinmyo sez: Received this evening, private stuff deleted.


Is this thing on? (taps computer) I hope that this actually works. It is a computer in the office of one of our sub-temples in Osaka, Sogo-ji. But there are wires everywhere and the modem seems to be 2800 baud. I think this is bad.

I am so sorry I have been out of contact, but following Hanamatsuri there have been so many festivals, so many people, and so much to do. The succession issues are very gnarly. Not in a surfer-guy American sense but in the sense of entangled. Haha. I should have just written "entangled" but I wanted to have my little joke and it cost me about five minutes to type it and it wasn't funny at all, really.


There are certainly a great many emails from you I should read and I will. But I thought I should send this now, while I can. I also have received bounced emails sent to Michelle at the e2 address. I think this does not work so well. And I need to reply to dannye's very kind letter. Please pass on my fondest greetings to these friends and all of my other friends on e2.

Can I ask you to login as "me" and discard the messages that have accrued? Please, as before, copy those I need to see into an email. Ah, sorry. I asked if I could ask you and I asked you.


It is very humid and hot. But the windbell sounds cool. Silly, I know.


Again, please send my greetings, especially to my dear friend wharfinger. I hope that he and all of you are well. Please make a superdoc of the relevant parts of this letter.