At long last, the new Everything2 XP/leveling system has arrived!

For a longer description with further explanation, CLICK HERE. Otherwise, for the main points, read on...

For several years now, people have been pointing out the numerous ways in which the old XP/Leveling/Honor Roll/Writeup Bonus system was seriously flawed. After a long and careful process of deliberation, spearheaded by the TFXP usergroup composed of a mixture of admins and ordinary users under the guidance of golFUR, a new system was agreed upon which we know will not be "perfect" in everyone's eyes, but which we are all convinced is a massive improvement over the system we had before.

Best of all, the new system is very straightforward, and does not change the way E2 has always worked or take away anyone's hard-earned XP - instead we just adjusted the settings a bit behind the scenes to produce a system which rewards different types of noders while providing achievable levels for all users. We also added some new user powers. But other than a few differences in the way XP and levels are calculated, E2 still works the same way it always has.

Below is a quick rundown of the major changes. Full details are at the Voting/Experience System page. For a detailed explanation of the logic behind these changes, see this node. You can also view the complete archive of the TFXP deliberations at the E2 Forum under Projects>>Voting/XP/Level Reform

1. Infinite Levels

Levels no longer stop at Level 12. It is now possible to achieve any Level from 1 to infinity. Higher levels are much more achievable too, because level requirements do not keep growing exponentially. Please keep in mind that the new writeup requirements for levelling up are provisional and may be adjusted or eliminated.

2. XP Award Adjustments

Receiving a C!s is now worth 20 XP instead of 10 XP. Every time someone upvotes your writeup you always gain 1 XP (instead of just a 33% chance). XP is no longer lost as a result of downvoting. Posting a new writeup still earns 5 XP. Voting on other people's writeups no longer earns you XP (you get GP instead; see below).

3. XP is no longer used as currency

XP can no longer be spent, gambled or used to buy things. Instead, a new, optional currency, GP, can be earned in a variety of ways (voting, quests, blessings, eggings, etc.) and spent at the E2 Gift Shop or gambled on the Wheel of Surprise. This currency is kept completely separate from the leveling system, and can be safely ignored or even opted out of completely by those who want to focus on reading and writing.

XP Recalculation Opportunity

All users are encouraged to recalculate their XP at the "XP Recalculator." This tool uses database history to award you the amount of XP you would have gotten in your time here, had the current system been in place from the beginning. Many users will gain XP and levels by recalculating. Those with higher XP under the old system will be rewarded for recalculating by gaining large amounts GP currency. Recalculating will allow users to compare their progress with others in a more objective way.