You may have noted the announcement in the catbox topic but it's now official. Writeups can now be given mark-up (the HTML subset that E2 supports) while being written. In the scratch pad as well as in nodes, you can now select and add tags to your writeup-in-progress without having to do it by hand. The submit button has also been rigged to detect unlinked and unformatted writeups and warn the submitter.

Why is this so big a deal that it's on the front page? Well, because not everyone watches the catbox and the problem that it solves has been a source of frustration and misunderstanding for as long as the site's been around. In some way it's a bit embarrassing that it took until 2008 but I also see it as a token that we're not all talk and are actively working on bringing the site's interface kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Pretty much all the credit for this goes to Oolong, who adapted Alex King's JavaScript Quicktags from Wordpress for use with E2. This adaptation even includes a special pipe link button. The feature has been tested pretty thoroughly but may still have a rough edge or two. Please report bugs with adding mark-up and submitting writeups directly to Oolong. We have not yet decided what to do with the TinyMCE script that JSQ replaces but it's likely that it will eventually be deemed unduly complex and surplus to requirements. For now though, it is at last possible to switch it on and off without losing the contents of the writeup submission box and some other bugs have been removed.

In order to mark this momentous occasion and honour the Britnoders' finest coding hour, we shall demonstrate our gratitude by sending a delegation of US noders to teach them the apocryphal art of refrigerating beer. Peace.