Who's Watchin' the Bowl?

~ A Spunkotronic Sounds mix ~
~by The Custodian~

Okay y'all. Havin' made the offer on me homenode, I will repeat it here on the entreaty o' none other than de Bones hizzelf.

Awright. Alla you pipe-smokers and java-tokers, alla you punk rockers and rave talkers, here it iiiiiiissssssszzzzzzz:

The Custodian's Fill the Bowl Mix!

...thas' right. Now, before you get all stoopid on me, hear and know this: THE CUSTODIAN CANNOT SMOKE UP. Therefore, if you are heart-set on gettin' de stankalicious moody bloo from him, FERGET IT.


He does enjoy a legal drug once in a damn while, especially whilst takin' in tunes. So in an effort to promote his fave level of peace, love, rock & roll and chemical shakes, The Custodian offers any and all noders who want it his personal care package of:

  • Tunes: ...in the form of a mix CD. MP3 format ONLY.1
  • Leaf: ...in the form of a small sampler bag of his favorite bowl-filler2. Probably not as good as Longbottom's Pipeweed, but yummy nonetheless.
  • Bean: ...in the form of a small sampler bag of his current favorite mug-filler.

...and what must noders do to gain the joy of one of said packages?

Well, um, asking would help: the_custodian@everything2.com

You can also /msg me, but I may miss the message, so if I don't respond, try again. Email is more reliable, and makes it easier for me to not lose your ADDRESS (oh, yeh, you sent that, right?) international requests entertained but not guaranteed; if my pocket money for that day comes down to shipping your package or buying my daily mac & cheese box (damn mortgage), well, I promise to flip a coin.

Oh yes. I don't have ETAs for these things. They get sent when they get sent. If that bothers you, try sending me your own version of a goody bag; that might increase my work ethic slightly. :-) However, don't feel obliged; this is an offer Free of Strings for noders. At some point, I will either run out of blanks, weed or coffee; at one of these events I may call a halt. Heh.

Oh yes, notes:

1: These will arrive in MP3 format on a CD suitable for use in any non-Senator Hollings-adulturated computer. For a preview of the Custodian's musical proclivities, see the Weekend Sound Track.
2: Pipe tobacco. Not for cig smokin', less'n you's nuts. and/or really wanna.

Oh, you want a track list? You don't wanna just be surprised? Aw, c'mon. Tell ya what, I guarantee it may contain one or more of the following:

  • Ska
  • Trance
  • Jazz
  • Unabashed 80's electropop
  • Dialogue
  • Banjo
  • Irish Lads
  • Filth
  • Funk
  • Blues as in classic

...that isn't enough for ya??? Okay, then, tell ya what. I'll give ya a commented track list, but you'll haveta scroll down to get to it so we don't spoil the surprise for those wit' stronger constatooshuns. 'Kay?




As for what else you might get in the package...well, that's the fun part, isn't it? Note that I can't guarantee these to all; they're first-come, first-served until there are no more...and that's an irrational number. But in any event, if you've come across this node too late to request your personal goody, rest assured the tracks are worth assembling. They may even be available somewhere; /msg me and ask!