I'm in Lansing today, and so we're going to be upgrading our server OSes and installing a new router. This might mean some downtime, but hopefully not more than a few minutes at a time.

update: I guess more than a few minutes of downtime. Apologies all around.


Another update (The Day After): Our problems related to the upgrade seem to be two: If you're having trouble with the catbox, chatterlight, or scratch pads, you may want to turn off Everything2 Ajax in the Javascript Repository until we fix it. If you're using Writeup Bonus and are missing a level or two, sit tight... we haven't figured out that one yet. It may take another day. Also, we're running off two back-end servers right now and only one of them has a problem. You may see things working fine on one pageload and not working on the next.

-a (1545 EDT/1945 UTC)

update: This seems like its fixed now, lmk if there are other issues. --n

Okay, it looks like levels are still a bit wonky. Still haven't gotten to the bottom of it. -a