Sleigh bells? ALREADY?
Yes, Virginia, It's that time of year again! E2 Secret Santa is back!

New Podcast
Check out Podcast 2.10 for some oldies and goodies. Plus, Sound Effects!

Get Your CSS On
The E2 Frontpage redesign competition sill has a few weeks left for submissions. Your input is welcome, and cash prizes to be doled out. Get the skinny here.

Dust off your wingtips, it's wedding season!
In nuptial bliss? Wish you were? Wish you weren't? MarriageQuest 2007 is for you.

Scaredy-Cat wants writeups
As if your teeth didn't hurt enough before, we've got a Horror Quest to rattle and chatter 'em a bit.

New Servers
Finally our new advertising funded servers are in production, things should be a lot more zippy and likely a little quakey. Email e2webmaster at you-know-where if you see problems. --N

(What can I say, it's been a slow month)