How did you find this? Only edevites and editors can use this feature for now... When these new nodelets become public, this doc will appear on the front page.

Ok, we lied a little... these 2 things aren't nice, nor neat, but at least they're new, and they're nodelets. While both of these features are available to users of any level, users of higher levels can add more stuff to them.

External Links

As you should know, part of writing a good writeup involves lots and land lots and lots and lots and lots etc. of research. To make things a bit easier, there is now a nodelet that lets you keep some links to outside sites. (gasp!) Users of all levels have this nodelet available, but those in higher levels may store more links. You can edit your links at ??????????, and you'll be able to use them after you enable this nodelet at your user settings.


If you've ever desired the ability to keep small notes to yourself, you now can. Just buy a wave or MIDI editor program, and you're good to go. If you don't want to spend money on one, you can create other notes in your Notelet nodelet. First, enable this nodelet at your user settings, then visit Notelet Editor.