A few minor new features were implemented this month which are worth announcing on the front page:

  • Topic Archive - A new Topic Archive has been created, allowing all users to view previous Chatterbox topics and their creators.
  • Most Wanted Nodelet - A new nodelet called "Most Wanted" is now available to be added under Nodelet Settings, displaying the five most recent writeups requested at Everything's Most Wanted.
  • Statistics Nodlet - The Statistics nodelet has been partially reactivated. If you add this nodelet at Nodelet Settings, you will be able to see your own personal statistics, such as XP, GP, XP required to level up, number of tokens and easter eggs remaining, etc. from any E2 page. (Note that we no longer calculate global, E2-wide statistics since that puts a huge strain on the database, so that section will remain inactive for the foreseeable future).