Hear ye, hear ye!

So, Halspal and I thought it a good idea to get some more structured input from the e2 community about the site. Finally, that day has come.

Welcome to Slashdot, friends.

No, seriously, we've got a new User Poll feature which you can not only participate in by using your precious votes to speak your mind about important e2 issues such as code changes, what you like/don't like about the site, and Butterfinger McFlurries, but you can actually create your own poll.*

*Polls are not automatically live. Details forthwith.

So, first you'll want to head over to Nodelet Settings and add the "Current User Poll" nodelet to your nodelets. There you'll see the current user poll, and you can even vote on it - assuming you have a vote left. (Alternatively, you can simply vote at Everything User Poll, though the nodelet offers the advantage of knowing when a new poll has been put up.)

Now, for creating polls, what you'll want to do is head over to Everything Poll Creator and follow the instructions. (NOTE: You must be Level 3 to create polls.) When you create a poll, it goes into a repository of possible user polls. If an admin deems it worthy, it'll be named the Current User Poll and appear in the nodelet and at Everything User Poll.

The polling system was primarily designed to get sincere feedback from e2 users. Certainly from time to time we will have silly questions, but this will be the exception, not the rule.

In closing, Happy Festivus, e2! Bugs, praise, and folderol to me.