This document exists for me to jot down things I'd like to see happen in e2 as I think of them.


  1. Writeups can have titles separate from their e2node titles. The titles (if actually different) appear in the writeup header.
  2. Emit <A Name> tags into each writeup header: author name and writeup title (if separate).(implemented with node_id and author name; thanks guys)
  3. Hard links with a # get turned into targeted URLs. i.e. [a#b] would turn into the URL and appear as a.
  4. Writeup TOC at the top of an e2node. This could also be a nodelet.
  5. Following a softlink shouldn't strengthen the softlink. Only e2 search should trigger softlinking.
  6. A hierarchical system of writeuptypes; but fialing that, add a writeuptype for (fiction) or (creative).


  1. usergroup owners need the ability to edit usergroup manifestoes.
  2. Up the size of a catbox message from 256 bytes to 1K or so.


  1. IP-based blocking