As you might have been notified by message, we have retired the scratch pad feature, found previously in E2 Scratch Pad and Scratch Pads. Your data which was previously accessible through those nodes has been converted over to the new Drafts system. You can see that node, and go from there. Note that a lot of people had empty scratch pads, so a default scratch pad was created as a blank Draft. If that is the case for you, you can do with it what you see fit; it is an old technical artifact of the system.

We have kept your previous privacy settings on your scratch pad, and now that the Drafts feature is more heavily integrated into the workflow of the site, it might be a smart idea to review your drafts to see if there is anything that you don't want there or don't want to keep. We've kept it all in case it might have been important to you.

If you feel like you've lost something in this conversion, we can go and get the data back if need be. It's not gone, merely sleeping. If you have any problems with the automated conversion, get in touch with an editor, and they'll make sure the appropriate person looks at it.