No, you can't use MathML here ... yet. It will take a little while, but I'm thinking it will happen. There will be a front page announcement when it is allowed.
Update (April 2004): There are some problems. It looks like MathML is supposed to be in properly formed XML, which E2 sure is not. Also, the validation engine is rather weak, so many MathML features will not be available. OTOH, maybe we could just try it out.
- N-Wing

MathML 2 at new window, same window
generic MathML (no version): same window
I started at and worked my way down.

TODO: some MathML examples, to see if user can see it

List of all tags and if they should be allowed. Things I haven't checked yet say so. TODO: I should relook through here; some reasons are now invalid

mactioninteractive equationno - neat, but takes more complicated checking than we currently have available
maligngroupno, for now (not clear at a quick glance how to use it)
malignmarkno, for now (not clear at a quick glance how to use it)
mathroot tag for all MathML stuffyes
mencloseno, for now (too complicated for a quick check for safety)
merrorerror messageno - intended for programs that generate MathML, so it is useless here
mfenced([{grouping}])yes; it may be nice to allow the attributes open, close, and maybe separators later
mglyphadds a new character glyphno need, and requires a bunch of attributes (that weren't checked for safety)
miidentifier - variable, like xyes
mlabeledtrlabeled table or matrix rowno (see mtable comment)
mmultiscriptsprescripts and tensor indices (this is sort of like sub- and super- scripts)yes
mooperator - functions, braces, etc.yes
moversomething overheadyes
mpaddedadjust space around contentno
mphantomhidden elements - mainly used to get proper alignment (example: vertical adding of variable expressions)yes
mrootnth rootyes
mrowhorizontally group a sub-expressionyes
msstring literalyes; maybe also allow attributes lquote and rquote
mspacespaceprobably not, unless this is common in generated stuff - the main thing is it requires some attributes, which can be used to mess up page display (example: gap 100000 pixels wide) (attributes not checked for safety)
msqrtsquare rootyes
mstylestyle changeno
msubsupsubscript-superscript pairyes
mtabletableno, for now (may "need" to allow this though, so we can have matrices and such; in that case, have to check which of the many attributes to allow)
mtdtable datano (see mtable comment)
mtexttext - comment, etc.yes
mtrtable or matrix rwno (see mtable comment)
mundersomething underneathyes
munderoversomething underneath and something else overheadyes

Random Thoughts:

  • It would be nice to have a superdoc that converts TeX and (anything else?) into MathML. I'm sure not going to write that, though. 8P
  • It would be nice to also allow content markup, but that is a whole other set of tags to check, which I don't feel like doing anytime soon. They could be added piecewise, if several people complain nicely.