As many of you may know, we've been gearing up for a while now to move from our current digs at the University of Michigan to our new home at Michigan State University. We have an entirely new server cluster, thanks to both the donations box and a few very generous private hardware donations.

I am not entirely sure when the actual move will happen, but it will be this week (Jan 31-Feb 5). It will mean that E2 will probably be unavailable for several hours as we copy data over from the site to our new cluster.

As with any change of platform, it is likely that the move will result in numerous bugs and/or service degradation until all of the kinks get worked out. Please be patient and communicate with me at e2webmaster at everything two dot com.

Update 02-01: our last bits of infrastructure should be in this afternoon. We will probably not flip the switch right away, but be prepared for some downtime. We may also do a "dry run" on the new servers, redirecting traffic temporarily, just to see what tuning needs to be done.

Update 02-02: All the pieces are in place, d-day is tomorrow afternoonish. Expect a few hours of blackout.

Update 02-03/4: We is moved.

Update 02-9: Still dealing with a number of stability issues. Will be working on this and other bugs it over the weekend.

Here's what's still broke (for my references):

  • image upload definitely busted
  • apache2 eventually kills servers when overloaded
  • Some of you may notice the banner ads are back, we're going to try google adsense out again.
  • I have gotten bug reports concerning quickvoter issues and problems with normal votes
  • POST operations cause timeouts for some people on slowish connections. I've twiddled TimeOut values for apache, pound, and eliminated the firewall as the problem. If you have any other thoughts please email me.
  • People are reporting problems with chatterbox, if you have them make sure you are not using the e2 catbox enhancer which seems to need some tweaks.