Now in your Preferences, you can choose to make your writeup edit boxes a little larger. There are currently three sized available, but more can be added if there is a need or demand for them. Or if you send beer; and I mean good beer.

Why would I want to do this?

This feature allows you to edit things that are larger or that have weird wrapping issues with smaller boxes. Perhaps you would like to see more of your writeup onscreen at once for editing or reading. All of your plentiful edev submissions, with your neat and orderly code are now probably much easier to write. This is good for people with larger resolutions who would like to make slightly more intelligent sense of how they use their screen space.

But I like my edit boxes just the way they are

Not a problem, as the default is to leave the current settings unchanged. The initial writeup addition boxes on e2 nodes grew by 6 rows, to make them standard however.

Which option should I choose?

  • Normal: (20 x 60) This option is best for all browsers and resolutions. It is the default size for all writeup editing
  • Larger: (30 x 80) This option (good for slightly larger resolutions), is best for people who don't have huge monitors, but want a little more elbow room in their noding.
  • Largest: (50 x 95) This option (for users with large resolutions / monitors only) is for those who want almost a full size page to work with.
More could be added if there is some sort of need for them, but this seems to cover the desires of most individuals

What sections of E2 does this apply to?

Currently this only applies to your Scratch Pad, Text Formatter, editing writeups, and submitting new ones. All of the other forms have not been changed. Certain others may change to this new "standard" form if there is a resounding need for this consistency.

Bugs on this feature go to JayBonci. Credit on the idea goes to jethro bodine.