Welcome to E2 Known Issues. Please don't file bug reports on the following "problems". I'll try to explain why each of the issues exists, and what you can do to either work around them, or why we can't fix them (aren't going to fix them, etc).
  • I get someone else's start page when I go to E2!
    This is caused by two things, client-side caching, and invisible web proxies. How can you tell whether or not you have an invisible proxy? You can't. Point here is, there are ways to defeat it. Web proxies should actually fetch the page if you bookmark your homenode, and not the front page. If you want to bookmark the page, bookmark a URL something along the lines of http://www.everything2.com/?foo=bar The proxy will see the dynamic data in the URL and should go and fetch it.
  • I see nodes with .5 rep. How can this be?!?!

    Half votes are a simple explaination. You're half a person. Now go away. Actually, they are a result of an insert into our vote table failing, but the reputation changing anyways. They are a phantom rep change. It happens. Mild server "hiccups" plague everybody now and again.

  • Search has a hard time finding the node I want to find!
    Our current search is good, but there are several limitations to it as it stands. Nodes can be hard to find if they were retitled, reparented, moved or what not. It's just the way the search system works for right now, and they do not get re-indexed if they get changed. That's just the way it works.
  • There are two nodes named node title here
    Sometimes an admin in their infinite wisdom, renames a node to one that already exists. Just let us know, and we'll merge them, or whack one or whatever. It's not a bug, it's a feature.
  • I ended up with an extra vote or C!
    Oh darn. See also "minor server belch". It happens to all of us. Don't worry about it.