Let's keep help docs really clear. Simple language, shortish sentences where possible, really clear explanations.

Link to other useful help concepts, keep non-help links to a minimum.

Use plenty of white space and appropriate subheadings.

Humour is okay, but let's not have it get in the way of clarity. See the end of Linking on Everything2 for an example.

Feel free to leave comments, <! Like this - this does not appear in the displayed node /!>

When editing existing documents

  1. Check to make certain that each document has the correct header and footer. If it does not, correct that first.
  2. Check that the document is both accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Check that all links in the document work.
  4. Edit the document directly, using the Virgil account.
  5. Ensure that you update the "updated by" section at the bottom,not forgetting to leave notes in a comment.

Document Template

This should be included in every E2 help document:

                ** Remove old heading and footer  **                 /!>
  **  Copy/paste the heading and footer into each help document  **  /!>

<h2>An [Everything2 Help] Document</h2>
<p<>br />
<h1>Why it's important to read this before you begin writing</h1>
Everything2 may be unlike anything you have met before. {TWO OR THREE SENTENCES OF EXPLANATION WHY}
</p><br /><hr width=250><br /><p><p>

                        **  END OF HEADING  **                     


{ Substance of help. More subheadings as required. }

        **    Footer, needed in all help documents     **        /!>

</p><br /><hr width=250><br /></p><p>

<p align=center>
If this is not clear, ask questions in the [Chatterbox] or approach the [E2 Staff]
</p><br />
<p align="center"><big><em>Back to</em><br><strong>[Everything2 Help]</strong>></big></p>

<p align=right><small>
Updated on {date} by {username} <! {include your remarks or notes in comments} /!><br />
Previously updated on {date} by {username} <! {include their remarks or notes} /!> </small></p>

<! Also, keep notes from previous updates in comments, like this This will help us keep track of changes /!>