Present organization and style are unsuitable:

  • Newbies want to learn how to participate quickly and easily
  • The rest of us want to find specific info quickly.


A clean and simple hyper-outline. The articles need to be terse, or at least concise, and informative. Everything labeled "E2 FAQ" should be consistent in style and not redundant.

Phase 1

  1. Revise the FAQ entry page
  2. Improve existing pages (style and content)
  3. Add pages where needed

Phase 2

  1. Create a new outline for "the New E2"
  2. Modify existing stuff to fit
  3. Write new stuff to fill out the rest

Phase 3

  1. Publish and maintain
  2. Solicit feedback and revise

Original proposal by Simulacron3, revised by haze, January 2005