This is a page of bookmarklets for use around E2. They're presented in three forms here:

  1. Source code. Almost legible, too
  2. URL Encoded version for cutting and pasting into your 'Organise Favourites' window.
  3. Hand dandy links that you can just drag to your toolbar.

The recommended way of using is, of course, to drag the links to your toolbar.

Any bugs or issues or suggestions go to call.

Source code URL Encoded Link

Writeup tools

Replace text in textareas (regular expression)
Open a window with an HTML preview of textareas.
Open a window with a writeup preview (including hardlinks).

Chatterbox tools

Archive checked chatterbox messages instead of deleting them.
Issue a '/borg', as in Toolbar /borg button.
Issue a '/sayas' command, as in Toolbar /borg button.
Escape brackets.

General tools

Go to selected URL.

Credit on this excellent feature goes to call