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Very Likely:

You are not level 2+. See voting/experience system for details. Only users who become level 2 are allowed to vote.


You have used them all. You only have a certain number of votes per day.

Somewhat likely:

You have not been allocated votes yet. Votes are given out every day at midnight (UTC server time). If you just got to level 2, you may need to wait until tomorrow when you get your votes.

Sorta Likely:

You are looking at a system node. Writeups to E2 bugs, E2 Nuke Request, et al. do not have voting options on them.


Somehow the votes didn't get passed out last night! better ask someone.
Probably just going to have to wait until I roll outta bed.

If you absolutely hate seeing that question mark,
you can turn it off in your preferences.

Can't you?


If you hang around here long enough, you'll eventually log on one day to see your votes have not reset. Some of the brains in EDEV have been working on this bug for a while.

I logged on today to find that it happened again. My first reaction was to be frustrated and upset. It really throws off my routine when the votes get eaten by EDB. I use 90% of them while random-surfing through the database, performing my Content Editor job. If I find a writeup that is an obvious troll, I kill it. If I find one that I think is crappy, I first vote on it. Sometimes I just don't get it, and it may be some esoteric humor or an item beyond my life experience. After voting, if the writeup is about -3 or more, I'll usually kill it, sometimes without penalty.

So I sat for a few minutes, fuming that some hidden logic bug has kept my votes from showing up again. Then it hit me... what are votes anyway? They're little bits of virtual data. They have no bearing on my life. If I lost a handful, I could still pay my mortgage. They won't get my neighbor's cat pregnant again. Since they're so insignificant to my life, why the hell am I upset?

There is no logical answer. As I sit here, looking at another open web browser window with a linkless, informationless node, I've realized that votes have no power over me. If it happens again, and it most likely will until one hero-to-be developer finds that bug, I'll take it as a sign to do my job, except more conservatively. I'll take some time out and chat with my fellow noders in the catbox. Once you're over a certain number of XP, they become meaningless. When you're struggling to get through levels 5-7, you find that it's the writeups themselves which are the attraction to this place, not the little + and - boxes and the vote button.


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