So what's up with this FAQ? Seems kind of sparse.

For now, this is just a to-do list / wish list.

Q: But I had a question about ...

I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave. Good day.

But ..>

I said good day!

Relevant links: The Catwalk, ekw shredder, node 108 (Preferences), ...?

Things to do:

  • test in some different browsers
  • Create about 5 or 6 "usable" themes
  • test ekw shredder some more (Excalibre complained, but since when's that new?)
  • scrounge up a good CSS primer (maybe a simple node tutorial explaining element, id, and class - "Go to your stylesheet, and add this line, hit change. See the change? Here's why.") and put up some links to some other good CSS primers on the web
  • bugs? None reported yet.
  • improvements? Again, none reported.
  • possibly implement more zen-specific display pages for other nodetypes