This document is not current, and is kept only for archival purposes. Please refer to Everything2 Help for all up-do-date help documents.

In a nutshell, Everything2 is ...

A Place to Read
E2 offers you and the entire Web world a huge amount of original writing of many kinds. You can find informative articles on just about anything you can imagine, but there is also humor, poetry, fiction, opinion, criticism, personal experiences and other things that are simply hard to categorize. The text is linked together, either deliberately by the author, or by readers in the course of moving from one document to another. Thus, just by browsing, you are contributing to the integration of the text.

A Place to Write
You can become a member of the community and publish your own writing. Unlike some Web publishing venues, you retain all rights on what you share with us and the world.

A Place to Discuss and Socialize
E2 lets you interact with the highly diverse community of people who write the Everything2 content. You can give them feedback on their work and receive feedback on your own. You can message others or chat in real time. You can join groups of members that share your special interests.

This is an unusual and vibrant community where you might be exposed to ideas, styles, viewpoints, personalities, suggestions about music, movies and other art forms, and other kinds of inspiration that you may not find in one place anywhere else.

Beware, though, the addiction potential is high!