I don't know if this is true or not but based on comments that I've heard and on some personal experience that I've undergone, there seems to be a perception that the editors here at E2 are often times inaccessible, out of touch, or just plain clueless. In a bold move designed to try and remedy that situation and to be more supportive of our many readers and contributors, we here at E2 are going to try something new. Well, new for us, anyway.

If you pick up any newspaper or magazine chances are you're most likely going to encounter a section called "Letters to the Editor". It's in that section that people who either read or subscribe to the publication get to add their own two cents worth in the form of opinions/suggestions/criticisms/rebuttals and so on and so on. Well, we'd like to offer you that opportunity and depending on the volume and content of the submissions we here on the Editorial staff will publish the best and most interesting as well as a response when we feel it is warranted. Again, depending on the volume, we'll try and post it as often as we can. My first guess is that it will be done on a weekly basis.

We've gone ahead and taken the liberty of setting up an account called e2editors@gmail.com for just that purpose. It's there you can send pretty much whatever kind of message you want as long as it follows some general rules. Why don't we take a look at them?

Rules of the Game

First and foremost, no personal attacks on noders will be considered for publication. We can't really stop anybody from sending them but we can guarantee that they will be ignored.

Anonymous posts will be accepted and occassionally considered for publication based on its merits as it applies to E2. If you have something constructive to say, please put your user name attached to it. To avoid some unscrupulous people from just submitting anything under anybody's name, we'll contact the author at E2 to confirm your identity before it is made public.

Just like newspapers and magazines, the Editorial staff reserves the right to reject, edit for clarification purposes, edit for brevity and accuracy or make a judgment call based on "good taste" about what to publish. We ask that any letters submitted be 200 words or less. Of course if the subject demands it, feel free to pour your heart out.

So that's it folks. We can't guarantee that this little experiment will work but we can guarantee that we'll keep trying to make E2 the best site on the web and to try and maintain our old user base while also trying to attract a new and talented crop of writers. This just might be one of many ways to do it. We'll do our job, now go do yours and write the perfect node.

Thank you for your support.

Questions/comments/concerns? The talented and reportedly dashing borgo's your man.