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1 A critique of Jaegwon Kim's meditations on the mind/body problem   e2node
2 A Master's Thesis Proposal: Wittgenstein, Foucault, language, and the self (thing) frankdeluxe writeup
3 A pragmatic critique of identity theorizing   e2node
4 Abstraction and Cognitive Modalities   e2node
5 An Anatomy of Thought   e2node
6 Analogy as the Core of Cognition   e2node
7 Antiochus of Ascalon   e2node
8 Are Quanta Real?   e2node
9 Blanchot, Derrida, Deleuze: Confronting the Disaster   e2node
10 Coherentism   e2node
11 Consciousness as a non-local phenomenon (idea) tdent writeup
12 Critique of Pure Reason   e2node
13 Davidson on the Third Dogma of Empiricism   e2node
14 Do humans perceive reality indirectly?   e2node
15 Edmund Husserl (person) Gritchka writeup
16 Elementalism   e2node
17 epistemology (idea) cabin fever writeup
18 Ethical absolutes   e2node
19 Ethical relativism vs. ethical absolutism   e2node
20 Ethics - Utility Vs. Morality   e2node
21 Extensional Mereology (idea) edibleplastic writeup
22 George Santayana   e2node
23 Gettier problem   e2node
24 Gottlob Frege   e2node
25 Hegel's Motivations   e2node
26 Hume's Problem of Induction   e2node
27 Immortality from a Realist perspective (idea) Squark writeup
28 intention   e2node
29 Inverse spectrum argument   e2node
30 Is knowledge innate?   e2node
31 It's turtles all the way down   e2node
32 Jacques Derrida on the philosophy of language   e2node
33 John Locke's theory of property (idea) Teo-lohi writeup
34 Kant, Heidegger, and ontology of experience: Part 1   e2node
35 Logical Investigations   e2node
36 Ludwig Wittgenstein   e2node
37 Mary Hesse on Metaphor (thing) cabin fever writeup
38 Max Black on Metaphor   e2node
39 Meditations on First Philosophy   e2node
40 Metacognition and the problem of self-reference: A Kantian view   e2node
41 Metaphysics   e2node
42 moral relativism   e2node
43 Morality vs. ethics   e2node
44 Nonmoral Nature   e2node
45 Novum Organum   e2node
46 Objectivism (idea) bol writeup
47 On Certain Species of Writing   e2node
48 On Concept and Object   e2node
49 ontological argument   e2node
50 Philosophical theories of truth   e2node

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