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1 Thee Silver Mountain Reveries   e2node
2 Nazi Techno   e2node
3 tank locomotive   e2node
4 Plastic love   e2node
5 Battle of Tunis   e2node
6 Bay of Tunis   e2node
7 Tunis   e2node
8 Mithridates   e2node
9 last resort   e2node
10 Poison, creating wicked hearts   e2node
11 History wears a gas mask   e2node
12 Brains Don't Matter   e2node
13 I could have been one of a two   e2node
14 Persistently ill, and still does not die.   e2node
15 Ultimatums are the devil's Terms of Service   e2node
16 For tactical reasons, we do not currently advocate the use of violence or sorcery against private individuals.   e2node
17 All ne'er-do-wells call diamonds apples.   e2node
18 the illusion of conviction offered by rock music, drugs, and contemporary poetry   e2node
19 The American Book of the Dead   e2node
20 Welsh rap   e2node