You follow the tunnel until it spits you out into a round room.

The room is far smaller than the dragon's den, though still larger than you're used to, and like the dragon's den, it feels far more room-like than other portions of the tunnel system. The ceiling is high and domed, and the acoustics remind you of an auditorium. Like other areas you've been in, the room is circular. The perimeter is lined with Romanesque columns. Between the pillars, the patterns on the walls are carved inwards in layers, giving the impression of distance like a three-dimensional illusion. The floor is patterned in occult looking circles within circles that, out of the corner of your eye, appear to twist beneath your feet, but are completely still when looked at directly.

Crystalline stones embedded into the ceiling bathe the dais at center of the room in a white-blue light. At the center of the raised dais is a a throne. On the throne, covered in cobwebs-- the first sign of bug-life you've seen down here-- is a slumped figure.

As you pass through, moving towards the throne, you realize that between each column, built into the ornate walls, are long shelves. On each shelf lies a skeletal corpse. They lie like pharaohs in sarcophagi, dressed in tattered clothes with their backs straight and their arms crossed over their chests. Unlike the giant in the wall before, these are almost entirely skeletal, with little flesh remaining.

Disgusted, you pass them by and go towards the throne.

The skeleton on the throne is completely devoid of flesh. Despite the obvious age of the skeleton, its clothes are pristine; royal looking robes of purple and red, embroidered with gold thread and trimmed with fur. On the floor beside the slumped figure of the king is a golden crown. The moment you notice it, it shines red in your vision, but just for a split second.

Across the dais, at the other side of the room, is an opening to another tunnel.

-->[Take the Crown.]

-->[Follow the Exit.]