You decide that accepting tea from strangers, especially in a place as strange as this, is probably a bad idea. Besides, the cup is way too big to drink out of; you'd need a spoon or smaller cup or something to manage.

You offer the dragon an apologetic smile and a slight shrug. He seems disappointed, but doesn't press you.

"I have been thinking," the dragon says. "I get by well enough these days, so long as I stay home. I really have everything I need here, honestly. But the one thing I miss more than anything is reading my books."

You nod sympathetically.

"If only there was a way someone could read for me," he said. "Or some way I could see again and read for myself. I've been looking into acquiring a personal reader, but so few people come by these days, and even fewer do on purpose. Nobody wants to spend their days entertaining an old fool, I suppose. Are you certain you wont have any tea?"

You shake your head, but suddenly get an idea. You gesture for the dragon to wait one moment, then clamber over the pile of cushions.

"What is it?" he says.

You mime looking around, using your hand as a visor, until you spot the disk lying on the floor at the base of the pillow pile. You point it out, but the dragon apparently doesn't understand. You sigh and scramble over the pillow fortress to get it. The dragon watches you with mixed amusement and confusion.

"What's that?" he says.

You hold the disk up to him proudly. Gingerly, he takes it between two claws and brings it to his eye.

"Oh!" he says. His eyes widen. "Oh! Oh my! A monocle!"

He swivels his head back and forth, looking around the room through the lens.

"This is fantastic! I can't believe it! How did you even know my prescription? This is splendid!" He gasps and rushes to the book shelf, then starts opening them at random to examine the pages. "I can see the text perfectly!"

You smile a little sheepishly. The disk was practically outside the door, after all. He would have found it eventually.

"You don't understand how much this means to me!" says the dragon. When he looks at you, you see his enormous orange eyes are filling with tears. "I have to repay you somehow!"

Right now, the only thing you really want is an explanation for what the hell is going on, but you have no way to tell the dragon that. In fact, thinking about it, you don't even see a pen or pencil to write something down. Maybe you can make some sort of system using the books to spell out what you need--

Butt he dragon turns away. He begins digging through the shelves, pulling out books, then tossing them aside.

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice one tome in particular flash green, very much as the disk had done back in the tunnel. When you look directly at it, the light is gone, and the book appears to be normal.

The dragon catches you looking.

"Oh, that one?"

He picks it up and scans the pages.

"I actually don't remember this one," he says. he frowns and flips through the pages. "I can't read it. Can you?"

He holds the book out for you.

The second you touch the book, the green light is gone. Your mind is filled with the sudden certain knowledge of what the book's title is.

[Acquired The Book of Fallen Names!]

You look at the first open page and watch as the foreign text rearranges itself into something you can read. You mouth the words without realizing. The Book of Fallen Names.

The dragon reads your lips and smiles. "Perfect! What did you say, 'fallen names'? There's plenty of fallen creatures around here. Why, you're one yourself, aren't you? You fell down the cavern, correct? I'm certain the book will be of use to you! Take it, it's yours."

He turns away and plucks another book off the nearest shelf. he opens to the front, and gives a long, satisfied sigh.

"Finally," he says. He plops down onto the cushions and coils himself up, looking like a very pleased snake.

You still have questions. You wave to get his attention, and try to mouth the words.

"What?" he says. "Oh, exit is the way you came in. Just go out the front again. The tunnels have shifted by now, I'm sure. They're always doing that. Uh, let me think." Clearly he is distracted. His eyes keep pulling back towards his book. " If you're curious about your name and voice being gone, I'm afraid I can't help you. Only very powerful beings can steal a name. Voices are easier to steal, though. Keep an eye out. There's the City around here somewhere-- the Caverns are always moving about, but the City is usually not far. I think it winds up in the middle of the place? I'm sure if you look around, you'll find it."

You're not sure what he means, but you leave through the door you came in.

Instead of the tunnel leading to the giant's corpse, you find yourself at a forking point between two entirely new tunnels.

-->[Take the left tunnel.]

-->[Take the right tunnel.]