The next chamber is not nearly as large around as the last, though unlike the other, its ceiling appears to be nonexistent. Instead, the walls rise higher and higher, never breaking, upwards into the distance until they blur out of sight, and all you can see is the faint light shining down from what you assume is the desert above you.

For a split second, the idea of trying to climb your way out of the cavern crosses your mind. It is quickly pushed aside by common sense.

The walls in this room are carved with intricate, swirling patterns, geometric borders, and tiny tiny figures of people along the bottom. You can see them clearly despite the fact that whatever light is coming from above shouldn't be strong enough for you to see anything by. The only place where the walls are not meticulously carved is the far wall, the one you see when you enter.

Embedded into that wall is a corpse. An enormous, skeletal corpse that takes up most of the room. It looks as though the wall was built around it, or that the corpse somehow merged itself with the wall. It is mostly upright, but slumped forward. Sections of its torso, its elbows, its legs, are in the wall, and other parts are jutting out into the air. The naked skull is halfway through the wall; the jaw is gone, but its nasal concha and eye sockets are clearly visible. There are patches of hair still attached to the skull, but the majority of it is bone.

Scattered around the room are pieces of shaped metal. It takes you tripping on a piece to realize that they are pieces of armor. They must have belonged to the giant.

Carefully, you pick through the scraps and approach the body. There's a doorway to the side of the corpse, and it appears to be the only way forward.

As you pass, something flashes in the corner of your eye.

By the skull, as if it had fallen off, is a giant, glass disk. The glass appears in your vision as an oddly green color that stands out against the surrounding shades of blue and gray. Rimmed around its outer edge is thick bronze, with a flattened section protruding from an otherwise perfect circle.

You have no idea what it could be.

--->[Take the disk]

--->[Leave it]