Time and the Gods is the second novel by Lord Dunsany and a spiritual/actual sequel to The Gods of Pegāna. It was published in 1906 and contains eighteen short stories and one longer, multi-chapter story. In places it builds on the previous book and in others seems to contradict it. This can be seen as the evolution of myths or simply different peoples knowledge of the myths. As with the previous book it describes callous and fallible gods who create worlds and men for their various purposes. Time, who in the previous book was described as the hound of Sish, is upgraded to a fully anthropomorphic entity who is the slave of the gods but is merely planning to wait them out and slay them. Only a few gods from the previous book return (Mung and Slid specifically) and several new gods are mentioned with out being elaborated upon. In this it differs greatly from The Gods of Pegāna which focused much more on the gods themselves and instead focuses on the relations between gods and men and how human societies relate to their deities.

The stories are as follow:

Time and the Gods

The Coming of the Sea

A Legend of the Dawn

The Vengeance of Men

When the Gods Slept

The King That Was Not

The Cave of Kai

The Sorrow of Search

The Men of Yarnith

For the Honour of the Gods

Night and Morning



The Secret of the Gods

The South Wind

In the Land of Time

The Relenting of Sarnidac

The Jest of the Gods

The Dreams of the Prophet

The Journey of the King is the final story with eleven chapters.