<name>, <p>It looks like either you have requested a new validation key for Everything2 or someone has requested one for you. Here's a new key for you. All this takes is either clicking on the following link, or copying and pasting it into your web browser:</p> <p><a href="<verify_email_url>&amp;user_id=<user_id>&amp;validationkey=<validationkey>"><verify_email_url>&amp;user_id=<user_id>&amp;validationkey=<validationkey></a></p> <p>If that link is giving you any hassle, you can validate this email account manually: On Everything2, search for "Verify your email account". It will ask you for a user ID and an verification key. Your user ID is <strong><user_id></strong>, and your validation key is <strong><validationkey></strong>.</p> <p>If you continue to experience difficulty verifying the email address for your Everything2 account, please send an email to <a href=""></a> with your user ID, your current validation key, and anything you think we'd need to know to fix the issue.</p> <p>All love,<br /> The Everything2 Staff<br /> <site_url></p>