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It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.


The real secret isn't that there is a secret history of the world. It's that there are so many of them. The Benthic Wars are but one episode in that panoply; an episode recent enough for people to remember and think on its convergences (icebergs rising from the deep) with the official and acknowledged histories.

These tales are dedicated to Charles Stross, whose ideas these mostly are (Google for "A Colder War" to see what I mean, if you don't know); to DonJaime who asked for it, and to H.P. Lovecraft for obvious reasons.

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1 SPECWEAPS (fiction) The Custodian writeup
2 DEEP BLACK (fiction) The Custodian writeup
3 PRIOR TENANT (fiction) The Custodian writeup
4 BENTHIC OUTREACH (fiction) The Custodian writeup
5 PORTAL/ALEPH (fiction) The Custodian writeup
6 VIOLET CAIN (fiction) The Custodian writeup
7 SAKNUSSEM THUNDER (fiction) The Custodian writeup
8 INDRA NEPTUNE (fiction) The Custodian writeup
9 Seek And You Shall Find (fiction) The Custodian writeup