In Norse Mythology, Gerd is an earth goddess and the goddess of light, beautiful giantess, wife of Freyr, and daughter of Gymir. She is said to be so lovely that her uncovered arms light up the skyand the sea when the world is dark.

She never wanted to marry Freyr and after she refused all of his proposals he sent his servant, Skrinir, to woo her and present her with eleven golden apples and the ring Draupnir. When she still refused, Skirnir threatened to cover the earth with ice with Freyr's sword and use magic to doom Gerd to a life full of misery and sadness. After all of the threats, she finally agreed to meet Freyr in the forest Barri and give herself to him in nine days. She later became his wife and their marriage symbolizes the union of the earth and the sky.

Gerd is also known as Gerda and Gerdhr.