little lizavetka
has the same problem I do
that you can't just describe people
in words
I guess I could say
that she knows lots of things
that she's a real professional at:

* singing to herself
(for someone who's so quiet)

* 'accommodation' for other
people's voices
(or other people's vices)

* feeling self-conscious
(a synonym for 'human')

* talking, so long as
you don't ask her to
(like a cat!)

* being almost sincere
(fluent in sarcasm)

* drawing what she sees
(and seeing what she wants)

but my friend once told me
that lots of people
don't want to be known
for what they're good at

she's an engineer
(but you'd never guess
cause the only thing she's
ever told me with precision
is her height).

for liza, who asked for poem