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Born on in the late 70s, I faced a struggling life of a middle-class, white, American, military brat, growing up through the 80s. I have horrid flashbacks to middle school parties at the local roller rink, where all the girls were wearing white jeans and neon shirts and the boys had flipped up collars and bad haircuts. We listened to Tiffany, New Kids on the Block, Bon Jovi, and we liked it. (Although I will admit to still liking the occasional Bon Jovi song these days, yikes!)

I survived that time only to move on to the nineties, where grunge ruled and it was cool to be uncool, but I somehow managed to be neither. I still remember where I was when I heard Kurt Cobain died, I thought he was hot, so I was bummin. All I did in high school was ice skate... I was gonna be an Olympic star. When I finally realized I was too old, and not quite good enough, it was too late to be a high-schooler, join the parties and do the drugs.

So I went to college an innocent girl who had never even smoked pot. “Hell, join the military (you know, make daddy proud) and fly planes” I though. I tried that gig for a while, till I realized I was a pacifist and did not want to kill anyone. Then I finally joined the parties and did the drugs, and it was fun.

After college I again did the good girl thing, get a job, get married, blah blah blah... Now I realize that I don't have to be that girl anymore. Who cares what daddy thinks? So I'm ready to quit my job and go after that flying thing that struck my fancy so long ago. Actually, I already have gotten the ball rolling by getting my private pilot's license a few months ago. Not only three more years of training to go, thousands of dollars to spend, and I will be making money off this thing. I love to fly... so it's all worth it, or something. In the mean time I'm gonna live on my farm with my two dogs, two (piggy) cats, five chickens, my husband, and whatever else we pick up along the way. I take any job that I don't hate and make what money I can. As long as my spirit is not crushed I will by happy and content in my world.

Peace, Love and Happiness; that's what I'm all about.