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I cannot produce a definitive list of everywhere I have been, but I can say that I have seen a whole lot of nowhere
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(It's pronounced "hockey-cot".)

Come. Sit. Read. Write.

I came here because I was hooked by the possibility of pissing into the ocean and actually having someone get a mouthful.

Does that sound weird? It's totally weird. But, I bet you're here for the same reason.

One day you're cruising the tubes and you come across some random, baleful screed about vegan lesbians who love McDonalds ice cream. But that's not the end of it. You click a link and read the story of a Victorian ghost taking a holiday to the first moon colony. And then you click another link...

...and find yourself in the middle of this incredible collection of screenplays that never got produced, brownie recipes, epic poems, obscure facts, essays that reach the quality of doctoral dissertations, actual doctoral dissertations, fart jokes, and some of the most intriguing and enduring impressions of regular old human life that anyone has ever seen.

And if you're like me, you want to try to contribute.

Good! That's all you need to succeed here. Well, that, and persistence. Everything2 is one of the oldest continuous communities on the Internet, and over the years, we've developed a lot of in-jokes, unpublished standards, weird cults, strange preferences, and odd practices. But that's OK - you can take what you like, leave the rest, and pull up a seat next to me on the pier while you wait for the urge to urinate.

Once you're ready, think about some things you might want to write about, or some things you've already written, and take a look at E2 Quick Start, especially the parts about linking. Getting a decent grasp of the really excellent system we use here to link our content together will help you get the smoothest start possible.

Remember: Ultimately, you're in control of what you write, and if you can get past the first part of the learning curve, you might find yourself looking back on this day years from now and wondering why you waited so long to get started.