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I think I'm gonna kick it old-school Wikipedia style with a bulleted trivia list:

  • I'm studying information assurance and computer science. I feel distinctly lucky in that I'm sure I'll emerge from five years in college with no debt. But I look at my friends' finances and wonder if I'm the one doing something wrong.
  • I finally switched from e2 jukka dim, because Zen has a jukka dim theme, too. These 70s dead-plant color schemes, they get me somehow.
  • I haven't written much in awhile, but I'm still reading. Even though it's surprising to see "6 years" on my home node, I know I'm nowhere close to being old school yet.
  • No matter what the weather, I always say it's nice. But the nicest is the cool and drizzle, when the whole world looks gray and bright green.