Life will get easier... That isn't as much a statement as it is a question. My mom recently told me that this is the easiest part of my life. I can't believe that.

I should explain my situation... I'm 17 going in to grade 13, next year is my last year of high school (no I didn't fail a year I live in Ontario so we have OAC) and I want to get in to a very difficult program at U of Waterloo (First it was Software Engineering, but I think I'm going to apply to Computer Science instead). So I have to keep my grades up.

But I should go even father back... When I was 6ish my parent got divorced, rather messily. I have a little sister who is about 2 years younger then me (but is about 10 years less mature). So me and my sister still see my dad but only once a week, and because of his personality type nether of us have made a real connection with him. So I have become a sort of father figure to my sister and an odd sort of husband replacement to my mom. I have become responsible for both of them mostly because they are both very emotional/unstable people. I am the most stable person in my house (short of maybe my cat).

Flash back to the present... I'm a councilor this summer and am currently working 50-hour weeks and because my mom just had a Laparohysterosalpingooophorectomy she can hardly walk never mind drive for about 6 weeks. That makes me the primary driver and responsible for the house.

Last Friday... We had some family over. I BBQed. After they left I lighted up a jay. My mom caught me. I was in no state of mind to discuss it.

The Next morning... I told my mom that I used it as a stress release. She told me that she was very disappointed in me and that this point in my life is the "Easiest it will get". At this point, I was ready to kill myself, because if this real is the easiest it gets then I don't want to continue.

Reason I think my life will get better...

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