They never told me quite how much work it is to write a book on macro photography. It's been a hell of a ride.

I was first contacted by the publishers on the 10th of August last year. Today, nearly six months later, I am sending the last files of the last chapter to the publisher, John Wiley and Sons (yup, the same guys who do Cliff's notes, the For Dummies books, etc).

The book is already on Amazon, although it's not due to go on sale for another few months.

58,560 words. 232 photograps. 288 pages. 10 chapters. 2 appendices. 164 days. And my name on the front cover. My first book.

Sure, there's still a lot of work that needs doing (a few more photos need to be sourced, I need to do the Author Reviews of each chapter, and there are a lot of other bits and pieces), but the vast bulk of the work is behind me.

I can't express how I feel right now, but I can't stop grinning.

For a few more details, links to Amazon, a poll, and a (mock-up) picture of the cover, check out . Feel free to leave comments there, too!

Stayed in bed a while longer this morning -- pretty tired, actually. Got up, stretched (no yoga, will do that tomorrow), put dishes away from the dishwasher, showered and walked back over to Pender where I had breakfast at the Smile Restaurant: looks like a typical local diner.

I walked past it yesterday and saw that it had pancakes, which I ordered, along with "brown" toast (I tried to clarify that I wanted wheat toast but brown it would have to be (and wheat it was)), sausage (3), eggs (3 as well, over medium). Endless cups of coffee brought by a Japanese waitress who began and ended every sentence with either "hello" or "please".

"Please for coffee yes?"

"Hello your toast brown please?"

I spread out the weekend edition of the Globe and Mail and percghed my butt on the narrow green bench of the booth. It seemed like very much a locals place and not much redecorated since about 1967. I love a place that serves breakfast all day.

Hiked down to the seawall again in a fine but strengthening mist. I wanted to get a picture of Inukshuk -- the welcoming totem. Based on yesterday's run and my tiny map, I wound up exactly where I thought it would be (Robson to Cordero, go left, keep walking until the seawall, Inny will be off to the right).

Took a few pictures. Saw two seals in the shallows. They vanished before I could get them in the viewfinder. Stood looking out over the water and the coastline and the clouded mountains and wished I could live here. Oh well.

Spoke briefly to a couple from Winnipeg who were on their way to the aquarium at Stanley Park. It made me briefly think about going, but then I though a) too expensive, I'm sure and b) it would be something during which I would keep saying, "Wow, I bet the boys would love this." And I know sadness and depression would follow -- so no go.

Off to the library. Wrote for about an hour and a half. Then on to Nestor's for supplies. Football -- Chicago and Indy (finally!!) going to the Super Bowl.

C_ called twice, but I let it ring -- the last time we chatted didn't leave me feeling that great and I didn;t want to repeat it. The third time I answered -- we talked briefly about the Indy game ans then she said J_ wanted to talk to me, which felt nice. I spoke with him for a bit and then V_ -- it was good talking to them -- and then the call dropped. No one called back, and I didn't try. Would hate to run up that phone bill. Or help C_'s track record of not mentioning my trip. Oh well.

I've come to accept that I can no longer make her happy. It seems as well that she is no longer happy with me. No matter what.

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