(abstract noun) - The way a vehicle (especially a car, motorcycle, aeroplane, helicopter or boat) responds to the driver/pilot's inputs and its environment.

'Good' handling usually means that a vehicle is easy to control, and responds to inputs in a predictable and positive way, while communicating its response to these inputs to the driver/pilot.

In the case of cars and motorcycles, factors that influence handling include:

In aeroplanes, helicopters, and boats, the shape of the vehicle has more influence over handling than in ground based vehicles.

Each of these factors is probably better left to individual nodes.

Han"dling (?), n. [AS. handlung.]


A touching, controlling, managing, using, etc., with the hand or hands, or as with the hands. See Handle, v. t.

The heavens and your fair handling Have made you master of the field this day. Spenser.

2. Drawing, Painting, etc.

The mode of using the pencil or brush, etc.; style of touch.



© Webster 1913.

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