El Goonish Shive is a webcomic, drawn by Dan Shive, about high school students who get themselves into many strange situations, often involving transformation. Despite this odd and perhaps gimmick-y concept, EGS has a complex story with suprisingly deep characters.

Main characters include Tedd, an androgynous nerd who owns a transformation gun; Grace, a rather naive were-squirrel of sorts; Tedd's best friend Elliot; the artistic and relatively normal Sarah; Justin, a gay guy who has a crush on Elliot; and Nanase, Tedd's cousin, who is experienced at martial arts and ilusions.

There are three different sections of EGS comics. The first is the main Story comics section. The second is EGS:NP, which has comic storylines that don't fit with the main story. The filler section consists mainly of one-shot comics and single images.

"El Goonish Shive" means The Goonish Shive.

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