A man folded his legs in the middle of the stadium. His head was bald, and his clothes were simple. He was not a monk. He had a simple job, and he loved his family. He was an entirely average specimen of humanity, who had never tried to stand out in any way.

Two thousand people watched from their seats, holding soda bottles, wearing baseball caps and t shirts. Some of them ate popcorn and licked their lips. They were bored, hungry, and as average as the man sitting in the middle of the stadium, on the green field of grass. Some of them started to sit up in their seats. They were about to not be average.

The lights around the outside of the stadium dimmed, and a traffic light descended from the ceiling. 3. 2. 1.

A clock started, and the stadium erupted with laughter. Some people threw their drinks at the man with his legs folded in the middle of the stadium. Small children made hooting noises, young adults let their pretensions drop, and the old shrieked their laughter at the man in the center of the auditorium. It was like music.

The eyes of the man were closed. The lines of his face grew more pronounced, but he did not react in any other way. His hands lay relaxed on either side of his body, palms open.

The clock told the audience that two minutes had passed, and they cheered. A large television screen descended from the ceiling, slowly. The audience was silent for a moment, waiting. Then the man’s whole life spilled onto the screen. His childhood memories were on the screen first, then his adolescence, then the events of his adulthood. And their laughter rose to the clouds.

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