We ran and ran and ran until I couldn't keep my breath no longer with a shovel in the throat, but that don't mean we had the time to stop even if I could make it over the fence, all laced pretty-like with barbed wire and the blood of my father from the time my family snuck over to the present side. I was an infant, the year was 1985 and rumours had it the wall across the world was going to fall sometime soon.

The drums were beating and we heard their foots stomping. Our history was buried in shame and that's what we were running from. We were running again back over.

From the other side Johnny passed a cigarette through the fence. We were just public servants, except I always noticed something special in Johnny. There it was again when he passed over a match to light my fag. I was careful not to set afire, being that we've been doused in gasoline all the while we crossed the bridge from the south end of town.

All the way from a suburb forty minutes east into nowhere to the place they manufacture bombs in the Orient, Johnny and his crew were the loudest geniuses you'll find; there's something they had that I never had, we were all young but the difference between you and I and them is that we're going to try to forget it. That's power, Johnny always says... "If you fucking forget it I'll come over to your house to kick your ass proper for you until you snap out of it. That's what all things good and decent are about."

I was hungry on this side of the fence so I counted my change; one day I'll never see a hamburger again. The outer walls began exploding from the detonation of Johnny's people ahead. The streets cheered and cried but with all of the fog we couldn't see a damn thing. There's no time for education or parachutes or jobs. Don't get me wrong, like Johnny always says, "We're working, oh we're working." Don't be discouraged. Johnny always wanted me to tell you that you're angry, but ain't nothing wrong with being angry.

You're a young woman or a young man and we walk everywhere we go because driving is lazy and we're already doused in gasoline. They tried to set us afire on the bridge but truth is, we've been wet from the day we were born. I listened to all of Johnny's friends and I won't fucking forget it.

I'm a banker and I'm a doctor and I work in a factory and I invented the digital time you check on your wrist; I'm a lawyer and I'm a cop and I've got a rotten deal and I'm profit and I am homeless and I'm the homeland and I'm from a foreign land and I was born in America and moved to Canada at three; I'm a tommy gun and I'm euphoric; we're the myth of the disenfranchised and I'm your friend and I'll do what's good for the economy and I'm a dog and I'm a student and I'm a preacher and I'm a fag and I'm a murderer and they believe in the one party system and I'm all the rage and I'll never pay for gasoline again.

I asked Johnny where he was going but he wouldn't tell me; I found a hole in the fence so I followed him until I couldn't see him no more. It was foggy but if you walk straight long enough you may get away before you hit a wall.

And hush little baby, don't say a word, mama's going to buy you a mockingbird, and if that mockingbird don't sing, mama's going to buy you a diamond ring.

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