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Cream of the Cool

A lick, in the context of music, is "a stock pattern or phrase". They are different from riffs in that they tend to be single note melodies as opposed to chord progressions. Musicians usually play licks during a solo, and they are generally seen in Jazz and Rock and Roll. There is, however, one lick that is far more famous and widespread than all the others; it is known as The Lick.

The Lick is a series of notes that turns up in a ridiculously large number…




Black filmmaking has historically been perceived as lacking nuance. I'm not saying it hasn't been, but the moviemakers one is most likely to think of include Atlanta's own Tyler Perry, churning out predictable and similarly plotted set pieces in assembly-line fashion. Likewise, protest films such as Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing have had an agenda, and it's hard to look for subtlety when the soundtrack is provided by Public Enemy.

Who was Henrik Willem Mesdag?

Henrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915) was a Dutch painter and art collector from the city of Groningen, known primarily for his oil paintings of maritime scenes and his personal collection of art, which lives on in the form of the modern Mesdag Museum in The Hague.

Mesdag's Life

Born into an upper-middle class lifestyle, Mesdag was the third son of a banker. His fortunate birth allowed for tutoring in the arts at a…

We'd bought the ticket on Friday, to fly out on Sunday and arrive on Monday. She was so excited. She said “See you soon!” We thanked God together, said a little thankful prayer that we'd been able to find a ticket at such short notice, and one into Heathrow instead of Gatwick. A semester at UCL had been her dream since starting college and it was finally going to come true. We were going to have a semester together in the same city. I…