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Cream of the Cool

In clinic I have two jobs.

The first job is to diagnose. Chief complaint, history of present illness, past medical history, allergies, review of systems, medications (and vitamins and supplements and herbs and any pills or concentrated substances), social history including addictive substance use, family history, physical exam. What is my diagnosis? A clinical portrait of the patient.

The second job is to communicate and negotiate. I have to get a snapshot of the…

This handy little phrase is related to job descriptions. It generally means one of two things:

  • That you don't have a particular university or college degree, but you have worked in a related field long enough to have learned the associated skills at the school of hard knocks. This is a legitimate way to meet a job description's requirement, assuming of course you can back it up.
  • That you have experience that's almost the same as what a job posting requires, but in

I spent six months in 2016 actively looking for work in the computer software industry in and near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here are various thoughts about looking for work that did not make it into my standalone writeups on the topic.


a.k.a. “Get out of the house and the job will find you”

Most job search advice suggests that you work your network extensively. I let friends and neighbors know that I was looking for work. I bought lunch for former…

"Ayo, man, you like music?"

I look over at the young man with his bulging backpack, strolling up to me nonchalantly in the hot parking lot of an Atlanta summer as I'm heading up towards the grocery store. The black asphalt is slick with dropped food, discarded fast food wrappers, poured out drinks, and young men just trying to make a buck.

"Yes", I say, knowing how the conversation will go.

"What kind of music you like?" he says, opening the backpack and bobbing his dreads.