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Cream of the Cool



The red jelly hearts aren't easy to find. Even on Valentine's Day. Not the cinnamon-flavored, the cherry-flavored ones. It doesn't say "cherry-flavored" on the wrapper. But I know them when I see them.

It was the afternoon and school was out for the day.  A woman was there picking…

What is wellness and what is illness?

Many of the people that I see in clinic want healing. But healing is complicated. Many people define healing as "I want to be the way I was six years ago when I felt good."

I delve into the time when they felt good. Sometimes when I start asking about it, they were very busy. Often very stressed. Often not paying attention to their own care, caring for someone else, a parent, a child, a partner. Or overworking

Quick quiz question: what was the first Executive Order issued by president Donald Trump? You are probably imagining some big newsy thing; what might leap to mind, something to do with borders or immigration or the 'making of America great again.' Or, if your mind is on the topic, you might think it has something to do with that hiring freeze, or with that recurring tradition by which every new administration of the opposing party prohibits or lifts the…

I am on the phone with cardiology. Not my patient's cardiologist, another one. Because the patient's one is gone until Thursday.

The patient's blood pressure is too low. He had a triple bypass in November, so the three medicines that he must be on are an aspirin, a beta blocker and a statin. The trouble is, his blood pressure is too low.

"We are starting to question beta blockers." says the cardiologist cheerfully. "He's had a bypass. Drop it."

"Really?" I say.…