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Cream of the Cool

Ancillary Justice
By Ann Leckie
Orbit, 2013

Ancillary Justice is a science fiction novel set in the far future; it might reasonably be described as a space opera. It is the first in the Imperial Radch trilogy.

Justice of Toren is a warship -- but not just a warship. She is the ship and all of its solders, a compound mind that splits her awareness between dozens of bodies. Most of our knowledge of…

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Female? Tired of being expected to run a household AND run a business? People were fine with your mother's generation making 80c to a man's dollar because you split your interests and didn't concentrate 100% of your effort on money - but now the goal is total parity, while working two jobs.

Tired of the virgin/Madonna complex that rears its ugly head from time to time, no matter how permissive we get in other ways?

Tired of not having the time to make the food Martha Stewart tells…

Cyberpunk, which is now extraordinarily quaint, was the product of 1980s science fiction speculating a dystopian future viewed from a society's underclass. Whereas 1940s and 1960s sci-fi mostly championed the idea of a brave new world where humanity sheds its internal strife and marches in unison across the stars (Star Trek is literally Wagon Train in space) with pretty, breast-enhancing clothing and beehive hairdos - the 1980s envisaged a world where gene splicing and nanotechnology wouldn't…