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Cream of the Cool

My husband ended up having not only a mastectomy but general anesthesia. All last week he was nervous, so I decided to have him attend the Adult Day Care Center to keep his mind off the upcoming surgery, which worked quite well in distracting him. I could make the necessary phone calls and prepare the house for what I thought would be a simple procedure, simple recovery. Nothing went as planned.

In what I can only describe as…

Release: 2012-04-04 (Finland wide), 2012-05-23 (UK wide)
Director: Timo Vuorensola
Length: 93' (theatrical), 110' (director's cut)
Alternate title: Iron Sky: Wir kommen in Frieden
Production: Finland, Germany, Australia
Language: English, German (and one drunken line of Finnish)
MPAA rating: R, for reasons unknown (satirising the American Presidency?)

Cast: Christopher Kirby (James Washington), Julia Dietze (Renate Richter), Götz Otto (Klaus Adler), Udo Kier (W…

A while back, Haiti damn near sank into the ocean due to some terrible earthquakes. Maybe you remember this. Maybe not. Bad things are always happening to far away strangers.

A young Marine freshly discharged from active duty realized that the same old shit was going to happen there, with a lumbering machine struggling to keep up with the reality of what was actually happening. So, feeling an obligation to go out and use his skills, collected donations and went to Haiti to help.


The World Passport is an alleged travel document issued by a non-governmental entity called the World Service Authority (WSA), which is the administrative arm of the World Government of World Citizens, to persons who are, in theory, advocates of free global travel and world government. It is one of several official-looking documents issued to people who either perceive statelessness as a desirable condition (but in practice find it to be a huge bother) or to people who have exhausted…