Primary HexagramSecondary Hexagram
Pi, holding together (union)
Ts'ui, gathering together (massing)

The Judment
Holding Together brings good fortune. Inquire of the oracle once again Whether you possess sublimity, constancy, and perseverance; Then there is no blame. Those who are uncertain gradually join. Whoever comes too late Meets with misfortune.

The Image
On the earth is water: The image of Holding Together. Thus the kings of antiquity Bestowed the different states as fiefs And cultivated friendly relations With the feudal lords.

The Judgement
Gathering Together. Success.
The king approaches his temple.
It furthers one to see the great man.
This brings success. Perseverance furthers.
To bring great offerings creates good fortune.
It furthers one to undertake something.

The Image
Over the earth, the lake:
The image of Gathering Together.
Thus the superior man renews his weapons
In order to meet the unforseen.

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