Two characters that featured in a sketch on British comedian Harry Enfield's Harry Enfield's Television Programme, and later Harry Enfield and Chums. The skit starred Mike Smash (Paul Whitehouse) and Dave Nice(Enfield as the world's most annoying disc jockeys - Smashie 'n' Nicey, live to the Britain on Fab-FM. A parody of the nasal, "poptastic" BBC Radio 1 DJs of the 1980s and early 1990s the duo were unable to complete a sentence without describing something as ...tastic (megatastic!) ...mungous (cash-mungous!) ...abulous (fantabulous!), or of course mentioning their tireless work in aid of charidee. Let's rock!

Always attired in tasteful satin bomber jackets, their banter ranged from the moronic to the truly braindead. Not a minute went by without another pearl of wisdom forming within their mullet-swathed skulls. Particularly vapid ones included:

Nicey: I love cows, mate. They're almost like horses in cow form.

Nicey: I love Tuesdays, don't you mate?
Smashie: Certainly do mate, it's one of the best between Monday and Wednesday type days we've got.

Smashie and Nicey were largely based on the DJ Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, so-called because of his habit of stumbling on his words. At the time the show was popualr they became synonymous with radio in the UK, a stigma that perhaps fuelled the very welcome purge of old-guard Radio 1 DJs like DLT and Simon Bates in the early 1990s, at the hands of then channel controller Matthew Bannister.