AD&D Wizard spell, Level three

Range: Unlimited
Duration: 1rd/level
Area Of Effect: Line of Sight
Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 3
Saving Throw: None

Similar to the clairaudience spell, the clairvoyance spell empowers the wizard to see in his mind whatever is within sight range from the spell locale chosen. Distance from the is not a factor, but the locale must be known-familiar or obvious. Furthermore, light is a factor as the spell does not enable the use of infravision ot magical anhancements. If the area is magically dark, only darkness is seen. If the area is naturally pitch dark, only a to-foot radius from the center of the spell's area of effect is seen. Otherwise, the seeing extends to the normal vision range according to the prevailing light. Lead sheeting or magical protection foils a clairvoyance spell, and the wizard has some indication that it is so blocked. The spell creates an invisible sensor, similar to that created by a crystal ball spell, that can be dispelled. The spell functions only on the wizard's current plane of existence.

The material component is a pinch of a powdered pineal gland.