German hacker, born 22.7.1965.
His life was featured in the 1998 movie 23.

Known for heading a group loosely associated but not sanctioned by the CCC that stole data from various western computer systems and selling it to the KGB, starting in 1986. He was obessed with with the works of Robert Anton Wilson, and in particular, The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Koch began hacking under the name of that novel's hero, "Hagbard Celine". Conspiracy Theories and various drugs (cocaine, LSD, ...) are are dangerous combination - he saw the fingerprints of the Illuminati -- pyramids, political assassinations, and the number 23 everywhere he looked.
Various therapies and numberless questionings follow. In his late days Koch worked as a driver for the CDU. On May 23rd 1989 he does not return from one of his jobs. His burnt body is found June 1st in a forest. Was it suicide or murder ? we will never know.